Tips to Finding a Loose Slot Machine

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If you love to gamble and want to hit the jackpot, you have to find a loose slot machine. The machine also needs to be ready to release enough money to make it worth betting on.

Betting on ready-to-let games is the best trick to land a jackpot.

Winning strategy with a ready-to-pay game

Testing a loose machine

Whenever you pick a new slot machine, you need to test the payout percentage. Betting a few tens of dollars and seeing how much money you can get is a good trick. You’ll be able to figure out after about twenty spins if the slot machine is profitable. If so, it could be a slot machine that goes big. If it’s not profitable, you’re better off switching to another slot machine.

  • If you spend fifty dollars on a machine over an hour and only get twenty or less back, it’s probably not a loose machine. In this case, drop this slot machine and find a better one.
  • It’s best to avoid always choosing your favorite slot machine. If you favor a particular game too much, you won’t be ready to quit when it stops paying out.

Play the maximum number of coins

Many slot machines require you to bet the maximum amount of money to have a chance of winning the jackpot.

Always check out the payout table!

The slot’s payout table displays the winning combinations, and the maximum payout amounts to the number of coins bet. If you don’t want to play max bets because they cost too much, find a cheaper slot machine with low max bets but decent jackpots.

If you’re playing on a slot with a 10 cent minimum bet and one dollar max bet, you should bet with one dollar for the best results. This game technique is profitable on the best machines, which payout jackpots often.

Choosing a loose machine type

As a general rule, the more money you have to spend on gambling, the higher the payout percentage. For example, slot machines requiring $1 per spin payout 95% to 97% of the stakes, while 25 and 50 cent loose machines payout 90% to 95% of the coins wagered on them.

Beware of online casinos advertising their machines pay up to 99%! To make this claim, they’d need two machines that payout 99% of the stakes. In addition, this kind of game never pays big jackpots. An online slot machine doesn’t usually display its payout percentage on the front page. You need to actively consult the help menu to find the payout rates.

Progressive slot machines

Progressive slots accumulate player’s bets and display their massive and constantly growing jackpot. By playing on these machines, you’re in with a chance to win millions! However, the chances of winning big are slim with this type of game.
  • If you can’t resist a progressive jackpot game, be sure to play the max bets. If you don’t, it’ll be hard to win the big pot.
  • Some people avoid progressive jackpot machines unless the jackpot is very high. If the pot is huge, the machine may be about to payout.

Finding a loose slot machine

Online slots that drop a lot of cash have payout rates close to 97%. Meaning on every dollar wagered, the machine returns 97% of it. Microgaming casino sites are known to have looser slot machines than any other gaming site. Considering most pro players favor Microgaming games, you know they’re worthwhile! With this tip in your pocket, you’ll have a better chance of getting the money you put into your casino budget.

Casino staff see hundreds of people playing every day. They probably know which machines are hot and may be willing to share this info. Ask them if there are any big wins ready drop on slots like Book of Atem! It’s worth asking, but don’t push it if they don’t want to help you. A casino employee may not have the right to disclose this kind of insight.

CasiGO is a reputable site with games that payout frequently. One of the hottest slots at the casino is Starburst; this game drops big jackpots several times a day. The same is true with the Book of Dead slot machine from CasiGO.

Winning strategies on loose games

There are different playing techniques for online slot machines. They aren’t all foolproof. What matters is finding the best strategy that beats other players. Like Chess and Checkers, there are many participants, and among them, only a few winners. If you use the tips developed in our article, you could be one step ahead of the crowd.

Losers and winners

There are many losers at the casino. The trick to winning is choosing the loose online slots that’ll pay off and try to win the big jackpot. If you strike gold, cash out the winnings and stop playing! Don’t make the mistake of continuing to play after a great win. There’s a good chance you’ll lose your money if you play for too long. Limiting the time you spend on a slot machine is a top tip. Thanks to this winning player trick, you can always play another day, but with fresh eyes.


The takeaway from our article is that casinos always have an advantage over players. Whether a slot machine is loose or tight, the house always has a margin to its advantage. You could be a winner if you choose a good slot machine and bet on it the right way.

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