Casino’s Edge

The edge refers to the benefit the casino has over players. On an online slot, the percentage received by the casino is always indicated. It’s the opposite of the RTP rate. If a slot machine has an edge of 4%, its RTP will be 96% (100% – 4%). Typically casino operators speak of an edge when it comes to profitability. From a gamers point of view, the RTP rates are more explicit. RTP rates are usually highlighted on casino reviews, as seeing RTPs is a lot more professional than seeing edges.

The casino's profit is its edge expressed by a percentage

The edge on online slots

  • The higher the casino’s edge (from 8% to 12%), the higher the jackpots.
  • The lower the casino’s edge (from 1% to 3.99%), the less money there is to win.
  • Slots with an edge of 4% to 7% are the most popular – they have a happy medium.

You might think that the games where the edge is the smallest (less than 4%) are the most played, but that’s not true! Slots that are the least advantageous to the gambling dens offer much smaller prizes. In fact, it’s not possible to win big jackpots with slots that have high RTPs (or small edges). Surprisingly, it’s the games that benefit casinos the most where more money can be made. That may sound like a paradox, but the following paragraphs will help you understand why it’s not.

The edges that win big

Knowing that the biggest jackpots are on slots with an RTP under 97%, players favor them. It’s relatively logical… who’d want to play on low edge slots that don’t bring in much money?
House edge slot machines and payments

Slot machines – A 3 to 4% edge

These RTP slots are neither too volatile nor too much to the advantage of the casino. In practice, these slots are the ones with the fairest value for money. The strong point of these slots? They offer chances of winning jackpots from CA$1,500 to CA$50,000 (and sometimes over CA$100,000). With a starting capital of just CA$100, any player can win large sums of money without taking unnecessary risks.

Where can I find these slots?

These profitable games with an edge of 3 to 4% can be tested at the highest paying online casinos in Canada. To find these games, visit a guide about the most reliable slot machine suppliers. Apart from our RTP Slots Info guide, Canada’s most reliable reference is Online Casino Today (OCT).

OCT in Canada

On the British OCT guide’s Canadian home page, the highest paying online casinos in Canada are highlighted.

Online slots at OCT casino guide in Canada

With over 100 profitable slots at each listed casino, the OCT guide is worth checking out. Compared to any other casino guide or slots site, Online Casino Today stands out thanks to the expertise carried out by fans of online gambling.

Reliable games – Online or real life?

Playing slots in a physical casino or at an online casino is a matter of preference. What matters is going to an honest casino, which offers real chances of winning. To ensure this, you must consider several factors, the reputation of the casino, the profitability of the games, and customer support. It’s also strongly recommended that you choose a casino that pays more than the others so you can be sure you’re playing on slot machines that payout fair amounts of money.

Which casino should I choose?

To the best of our knowledge, the Villento Casino, Grand Mondial, and Yukon Gold sites are the most reliable. The reason? These casinos are linked to the Microgaming group, the creator of the most successful online slot machines on the web. Also, the operator of these slots sites, Casino Rewards, is one of the most popular casino groups in Canada. Microgaming and Casino Rewards’ online casinos are the best rated on RTP Slots Info and can be seen in our legal gambling in Canada section. These casinos have millions of active gamers, proving they’ve earned the trust of the players.

Last updated on May 27, 2021 by Alex