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A slot machine testing guide is a great place to go to compare the best slots sites. What’s more, there are a surprising number of them. There are more slot machine guides than online casinos. A great way to choose a reliable jackpot machine site is by using trusted guides. In this area, our RTP Slots site takes pole position. What about the other guides though? We investigated to find out more. Overall, we found a mix of excellent guides and others best avoiding.

Use a local guide

You’re better off choosing a guide that focuses on the country you live in. The reason is that each country has its own laws with online slot machines. In Canada, for example, the law is liberal on remote gambling, making the field of online slot machines dynamic. Our research helped us to locate over one hundred Canadian slots guides. Of these comparison sites, half are reliable. Commissions should shut down the other half as they recommend rigged slot machine sites in offshore regions.

Reliable comparison guides

Out of a large number of online slot machine guides, half are reliable. Unfortunately, there will always be online pirate casinos circulating the web. Further down, we explain how to identify rogue platforms to avoid being scammed.

Reliability and honesty

How do you pick a site for honest slot machines that pay off? Firstly, there’s our RTP Slots Info guide, which is a reliable, top-notch address. Other relevant sites like the Casino Guru guide are also worth a visit. It has everything you need to understand how casino games work.

International comparison guides

There are slot sites with an international reach. These platforms, like Poker Stars, are based in Canada. Canadian companies are expanding their global activities. As a result, Canada hosts large betting sites and online slots platforms, which is why you may see Canadian brands of casino games in different countries. This is particularly the case with the Online Casino NZ site, a New Zealander guide. This site features many slot machine sites linked to legitimate Canadian groups. For slots fans from New Zealand, Canada, and elsewhere, the NZ guide’s slots are some of the best.

NZ casino guide for online slot machines

Check out several guides

Never trust the first guide you come across on the Internet – it’s a rookie mistake. In fact, all slots guides are different with a mix of information. According to top testers, only guides that act in the best interests of players are worth trusting. Not all casino test site managers have good ethics in mind.

Picking a reliable slots casino means knowing which sites are really paying out.


One tip for getting a broader picture is to visit at least five reliable guides. This effective trick allows you to cross-reference and end up with the most honest slots sites. You can even take notes while viewing web guides to ensure you don’t miss anything. Setting realistic criteria, then making your own list of the best slot machine sites pays off.

At a minimum, you should always consider the following criteria:

  1. The slot machine guide must focus on your country of residence,
  2. Guides should only present legal and honest casino sites,
  3. Casinos must have an excellent reputation in your area.

Consider comments

Platforms aren’t just limited to basic casino reviews; some casino guides’ content is as useful as it is detailed. Besides, players can post opinions that are, once validated, made public. These are the kind of reliable guides you want to use! Honest player comments are a great way to judge a casino. These well-designed sites run like our RTP Slots Info site.

Watch out for bad guides

Every day, players are getting ripped off by dishonest sites. These players are often beginners, fooled by false positive reviews about casino rooms. The worst part is these guides make you believe that online slot machine sites are reliable when the reality is quite the opposite. Looking closely, we see that operators of offshore casino sites manage these biased guides. Whenever it says offshore, it’s usually a scam.

Check who owns the casino site

To avoid betting a single dollar on rogue casino sites, always verify that they are legitimate in your country of residence. You can find who owns the gaming rooms by consulting the [About] and [Legal notices] pages of online casinos. If you don’t see reassuring information, you’re probably in an illegal online casino. In this case, avoid registering there. By taking the time to verify an online casino’s legitimacy, you’ll never run into questionable slot machines.

Trusted brands

You’ve no doubt seen casino brands that take precedence over others in casino guides. In general, these brands are the ones that have won the trust of slot machine enthusiasts. We often see, among others, the famous Yukon Gold slots site. This gambling site is one of the most iconic on the Internet, with a hard-earned excellent reputation.

If a slots site in Canada (or elsewhere) doesn’t highlight Yukon Gold, it probably didn’t do its job well. Other Canadian brands, synonymous with honesty, can be found in our section of legal sites based in Canada.

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  1. In my opinion all casino site guides are biased. If the real player reviews were all validated, I believe most online casinos would have poor ratings.

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