Book of Atem WowPot: The Progressive Slot

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The Book of Atem WowPot online slot machine pays out the biggest jackpots. Microgaming launched the slot on January 7, 2020, and it is playable in Canadian online casinos.

The game is a custom creation by All41 Studios, a Microgaming partner, where the WowPot concept uses the most innovative technologies on the Web. Frankly, Book of Atem has the potential to become as popular as the Mega Moolah, the top progressive jackpot game in the world.

Book of Atem WowPot on Canadian Online Casinos
This WowPot masterpiece, Book of Atem, is available in the most-played casinos.

Book of Atem WowPot Jackpots

As with all WowPot slot machines, you can win jackpots on the Book of Atem version in two ways. The first way to win is on the non-progressive base game. It’s the same process as on a classic video slot machine. The most profitable option in the non-progressive game is 5000 times the original bet. The maximum bet per spin is 25 dollars, making the top jackpot 125,000 dollars.

The other way to win on the slot machine is with the bonus wheel. When the game wheel pops up on the screen, just click on the SPIN button to get it going. When the wheel stops spinning, one of the four progressive jackpots will be up for grabs. The biggest jackpot on the bonus wheel is the WowPot of over 2 million.

Casinos and Book of Atem WowPot

Of all the casinos equipped with the Book of Atem WowPot game, we recommend a few. These casinos have an excellent reputation while offering generous welcome bonuses.

Jackpot City has the best bonuses among these casinos, followed by All Slots Casino and Mummy’s Gold.

These three casino sites have WowPot games that frequently feature on casino guides.

Many articles are about lucky players’ crazy winnings on these first-class casino sites.

Thanks to the fact Jackpot City has the leaders in internet gambling running it, it has earned the players’ trust. Since launching in 1998, the casino site has proven trustworthy, both in Canada and globally.

Progressive jackpots up for grabs

The bonus wheel on The Book of Atem WowPot game consists of 20 spaces. Only one of these boxes wins the WowPot over 2 million. Next, there are the Major Jackpots, which win over $50,000. And finally, there are the spaces for the Minor (100+ dollars) and Mini jackpots (10+ dollars). Each time a player wins one of the jackpots, it reboots to its starting point (10, 100, 50,000, and 2 million).

Global Success of Book of Atem WowPot

The Book of Atem online slot machine, from the WowPot concept, is widely played in international online casinos. In Canada, Europe, as well as in Africa and Asia, the slot machine has a vast audience. There are several reasons behind its success; the first reason is that the slot machine has a starting jackpot of over 2 million to win. The second reason, many players win Major jackpots of over $50,000 on the slot machine’s bonus wheel.

Other titles from the WowPot saga are also worth checking out. To learn more, visit the WowPot Slots Casino guide. This guide is currently the only site in the world to review all the games in the WowPot family.

Record jackpots won on WowPot games

The biggest jackpot on the wheel is the WowPot of over 2 million
WowPot’s biggest jackpot came from the Book of Atem slot machine. This feat took place at online casino on April 13, 2021. The lucky winner from England won £15,183,085 (26 million Canadian dollars). This crazy payout is almost as high as the world record for the biggest jackpot won at an online casino.

Budgets for winning big

Unlike classic slot machines that can win jackpots with small bets, the WowPot network functions differently. Indeed, only bets of at least $5 per spin offer the best chances of winning big. Just seeing that the biggest wins on WowPot slots are with bets over $10 per spin speaks for itself.

The max bet on the Book of Atem title of WowPot slots is $25 per spin. Overall, WowPot games are mostly for players who are willing to take big risks.

Book of Atem WowPot RTP

One of the unique things about the Book of Atem WowPot, the greatest success of All41 Studios, is its redistribution rate (the RTP).

The RTP of the slot machine is 93.50%. A rate of this level is high for a casino game with a progressive jackpot of over 2 million. However, this does not mean it is easy to win the top prize. In terms of winning odds, progressive slots don’t often pay out crazy pots. According to the experts, the best way to win big on a game like Book of Atem is to spin the wheel hundreds of times, opting for maximum bets each time.

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