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Since its release on September 2, 2020, the African Legends WowMajor slot machine has stopped attracting interest at Microgaming online casinos. While the slot’s progressive jackpot doesn’t look huge, it can climb to over $350,000. This is where the slot machine unlocks its biggest earning potential.

Slot machine African Legends WowMajor jackpot
Thanks to player bets, the game’s pot often exceeds 50,000 dollars. But, that sum can easily triple or quadruple in just a few days if no one lands the jackpot.

African Legend’s progressive jackpot never ends! If this game appeals to you, the trick is to wait for the pot to exceed $150,000. That way, if you win, you hit a six-figure jackpot instead of five.

Major Jackpot from the WowPot series

The only progressive jackpot in the African Legends WowMajor Slot is a seed jackpot that starts at $50,000. This jackpot, the WowMajor, is continually funded by players wagering coins on any online slot in the WowPot network. Indeed, it’s not just African Legends players who fuel the slot. Thanks to this unique process, the WowMajor pot easily reaches over $150,000 and frequently exceeds $350,000.

Record wins on Major Pots and WowMajor

The Major jackpots of the WowPot slots and the WowMajor of the African Legends slot machine are the same. As all of the WowPot series slots are constantly in play, the value of African Legends’ WowMajor is always on the rise. As soon as a player wins, they cash it all in and the seed money reverts to its original size.

Lucky players have also won several crazy jackpots with this seed, with some taking home over a million with the Major seed. Other massive wins, ranging from $350,000 to $450,000, have also taken place. The best part? The pot is constantly growing with this slot machine!

Play African Legends WowMajor

The slot machine is playable at legendary online casinos such as Gaming Club, Jackpot City and Spin Casino. By opting for the Gaming Club site, you have access to all the games of Microgaming casinos.

Gaming Club showcases all the games from the provider of the Microgaming network. In addition, you receive a 100% bonus starting from just a $10 deposit.

Free spins with welcome programs

Unfortunately, there aren’t any reliable welcome offers that activate free spins on the African Legends WowMajor slot. However, using a welcome bonus as free spins is a great alternative. This trick allows you to play lots of free spins on the slot machines of your choice.

How the African Legends WowMajor slot works

The slot machine works the same as a 3-row, 5-reel video slot machine.

The base game’s fixed jackpot wins up to 1200x the initial bet. This is already an excellent opportunity to generate some profit during the game. The minimum bet starts at 25 cents, and the biggest bet at 25 dollars. Thus, it is possible to win the WowMajor pot by betting the minimum on each spin. It certainly takes a lot of luck to win the 1st prize of the game with a small bet, but it’s still a possibility.

Tip for winning the WowMajor jackpot

There aren’t any magic tricks to winning a jackpot on a progressive jackpot slot machine. But, an effective trick is to set the bets to their highest levels. With the African Legends WowMajor slot, that means $25 per spin. Please note that this is not a 100% guarantee to win the jackpot, but it increases your odds of winning.

Major jackpots 2021 winnings

JackpotWowPot game
€1,123,513 ($1.29 M.)Sisters of Oz
€998,876 ($1.14 M.)Book of Atem
€517,862 ($0.59 M.)Wheel of Wishes
€515,930 ($0.58 M.)Ancient Fortunes Poseidon
€440,481 ($0.51 M.)Sherlock and Moriarty
On the African Legends WowMajor slot machine, players won pots of $50,000 to $225,000 between 2020 and 2021.

Other WowPot slots

Apart from the African Legends title, all other WowPot series slots feature a four-pot bonus wheel; the Mini, Minor, Major and WowPot.

These other slots, as we mentioned earlier, fuel the African Legends WowMajor jackpot. To date, there are eight slot machines in the WowPot family. Each of the slots has its own style.

Big WowPot wins in 2021

Although the WowPots concept launched in 2020, it wasn’t until 2021 that record wins started happening. In August 2021, a Swedish player won over €3.89 million ($4.46 M.) on a Megaways version of the WowPot series.

Other Similar Microgaming Games

The other Microgaming slot machines that most closely resemble WowPot games are the games in the Mega Moolah series. This series has over 10 titles playable through international online casinos.

For example, The Casino Action site features the most iconic titles in the Mega Moolah series. Known as the best online casino globally on RTP Slots Info, Casino Action also has video slots whose RTPs and in-game jackpots are similar to the African Legends WowMajor slot.

Casino Action best online casino in the world

Verdict on African Legends WowMajor

In the progressive slots industry, it is rare to see a game that can make a fortune without necessarily betting huge sums of money. As a result, this type of game could easily feature on our top paying slots page one day!

Indeed, with bets of $1 to $2 per spin, the odds of winning are good. In addition, it is the only progressive jackpot slot machine with a single pot fed by multiple slots simultaneously. This slot has a decent payout rate, with an RTP of 94.92%. A progressive slot with a big jackpot and an RTP rate of this level is extremely rare. What’s more, the slot machine has a payout frequency of 37%, so more than one in every three spins moves coins.

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